image Where to invest in real estate ?

Where to invest in real estate ?

Where to invest

Real estate is a very large sector encompassing several sub-sectors. This great versatility is a boon for investors provided you know how to make the right choice. In order to know where to invest in real estate, you will need to consider several parameters such as market needs and the socio-economic characteristics of the country or geographical area. The case of Tunisia is still very particular. Do not overshadow profitability because the purpose of an investment is to reap profits. Here are some ways to guide you.

The purchase of lot of land or purchase of building

A real estate project can start in two ways: the purchase of lot of land or purchase of real estate. The first option would suit you if you want to carry out your project with your fingertips.

You can choose the subdivision in which you wish to buy your lot, individual or collective. You can build any type of building, whether as a dwelling or for commercial purposes.

In Tunisia, the challenge is all the greater as the acquisition of lots remains a major challenge in terms of availability. Fortunately, real estate companies such Odeon real estate founded by Mr. Tarek Bouchamaoui offer many lots and serviced land that would perfectly fit this kind of projects.

Property for accommodation

Residential real estate is the largest sub-sector of real estate. It involves several parameters namely :

  • The type of accommodation : houses, villas or apartments
  • The standing : low, medium or high
  • The type of transactions: sale or rental

    Depending on the geographical area, housing availability can change significantly. The price per square meter in some areas only allows the construction of apartments. On the other hand, the less tense areas in which the price per square meter is more affordable are more favorable for the construction of houses.

    The standing and type of transactions will depend mainly on sales trends by geographical area. The mastery of all these parameters is crucial for any investor who wants to know in which field of real estate to invest. The sale of houses works better in Tunisia with the national residents because of the sociohistoric past of the country. The rental is given priority by expatriates on vacation or short stay. As for the apartments, they represent just a small part of sales and rentals.

    In terms of standing, the medium and high-end have changed significantly since 2011 and constitute the bulk of the residential real estate offer. This evolution has seen the birth of new types of real estate agencies such as the real estate agency, Astoria, managed by Tarek Bouchamaoui. This subsidiary of the HBG Group mainly offers medium and high-end accommodations.

    Offices and commercial buildings

    This segment is by a long chalk the most lucrative and the least legally complex. Made up essentially of offices, shops or even stores, this sub-sector has the advantage of constituting a secure investment. Of a relatively longer duration, a commercial lease ensures you a constant income for a certain time in a sector completely immune to the variations of the market.

    As a homeowner, you are also much more free to set the price of your rent, putting the rate of return well above real estate. In addition, the sector is much less legally regulated and the owner is totally exempt from certain taxes.