image Our tips for investing in real estate !

Our tips for investing in real estate !

Our tips

To invest well in real estate, it is important to determine several parameters in advance based on the results of relevant analyzes. Above all, the criterion of profitability is a key thing to know to invest well in real estate.

In general, the real estate sector is a very controversial area because it is constantly subject to economic and social changes. In Tunisia in particular, the phenomenon is all the more striking as it is almost impossible for a beginner to get into real estate without a deep analysis of the sector. How to get through in this case?

Choose the segment in which you want to invest

Since 2011, the face of real estate in Tunisia has been completely reformed. In fact, the change of regime has created openings and introduced openings and facilities for many foreign investors.

The sector is all the more interesting in Tunisia, everyone aspires to become owner. As a result, the Tunisian state is heavily invested in financing and reforming this sector. In this way, whatever segment you decide to invest in, you'll be a winner, even if some segments are more profitable than others.

Among these, there is luxury real estate. Very recent in Tunisia, the segment is flourishing thanks to massive investments from large real estate groups such as HBG Holding founded by Tunisian businessman Tarek Bouchamaoui.

As a private investor, you will need a starting investment of € 100,000 to € 150,000 for a mid-range residential housing, you can take advantage of a profitability of up to 10%.

If the sale of houses and villas also dominates the Tunisian real estate, the rental starts to take slowly. The segment of the apartment rental is still however very low, representing only a little more than 6% of rentals.

To ensure good investment in rental real estate, business and administrative premises are currently very trendy and very profitable, a segment on which we also find the real estate agency Tarek Bouchamaoui.

Make inquiries about the tax and legal implications of property investment

Profitability should not be the only reason why you should carefully choose the segment in which you want to invest in the real estate industry.

Indeed, the administrative and commercial real estate does not have the same tax and legal implications as the residential real estate. Generally, residential real estate, whether house rentals, villas or apartments is much more restrictive for the owner.

Similarly, it is even more important to find out whether you are a resident investor or an investor living abroad. In the first case, you are only subject to the laws of the host country while in the second case, the tax is shared between the country where the property is located and the country in which you live.

If you live in France and you want to invest in the real estate sector in Tunisia, it is the tax treaty between the two countries that will determine in which country will the Tax for the Fortune be levied and in which country will be taxed the rental income.